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12 Best Summer Moments to Enjoy Sour Diesel

12 Best Summer Moments to Enjoy Sour Diesel

Did you know our Strain of the Month for June is Sour Diesel? Refreshing and cerebral, this sativa dominant strain enlivens your senses while easing the weight of stress or depression. Its diesel-like essence is balanced with hints of lemon zest and earthy undertones. Long lasting and fast acting, Sour D induces an uplifting and blissful wakefulness. Descended from Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91, the plant’s popularity first took root in the 90’s. Users most often report happy and uplifting feelings after consumption, making Sour D a good option for Sativa-lovers who want to avoid paranoid side effects.

The best part of Sour D is its ability to be simultaneously energizing and relaxing. For this reason, you would likely want to pair Sour Diesel with energetic activities that do not require intensive thought. In other words, Sour D breathes new life into your everyday “autopilot” and adds some fun to any day off.

  1. Boost Your Morning. When it is too hot for hot coffee and an iced nitro cold brew is an entire car ride away, Sour D will give you that extra kick to start the day.
  2. Explore a New City. Let Sour D inspire the adventurer in you. It can be intimidating to wander a city you’ve never navigated before. But you’ll soon learn getting lost is half the fun.
  3. Throw a Beach BBQ and Bonfire. Whether you’re hosting or simply an invited guest, Sour D will help you keep the conversation flowing.
  4. Spring Clean. Because sometimes spring cleaning does not get done until summer break.
  5. Day Trip to Disneyland. Whether you are there willingly or not, Sour D will help you enjoy the amusement park without being overwhelmed by all those character costumes.
  6. Brew Your First Beer. The undertone of hops in Sour D comes from its terpene content (particularly Humulene), making the strain a perfect pairing for your next IPA.
  7. Embark on your Next Painting. Tap into your creative spirit with Sour D.
  8. Bake a Fourth of July Cake. Many patients report enjoying routine activities or following directions while experiencing the effects of Sour D. Baking is one of the most popular activities.
  9. Hike the Foothills. Sour D will give you that motivation to get to the top and enjoy the view.
  10. Inner Tube Down the American River. Sour D will keep you relaxed enough to float for hours, while giving you the energy if you accidentally fall in and have to paddle back to your tube.
  11. Write Your Next Novel (or Blog Post). Okay, maybe you won’t finish your manifesto tonight. But Sour D will help push you through any case of writer’s block.
  12. Roadtrip. While we cannot condone vaping and driving, Sour D is the perfect solution for tired riders who need to be the perfect passenger: energized, cracking jokes, and focused on their GPS navigation duties.