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420 Cannabis Deals: Kurvana Bogo Blowout

420 Cannabis Deals: Kurvana Bogo Blowout

April arrived quickly, but this month we’re taking the time to slow down and enjoy some 420 cannabis deals. Specifically, Kurvana’s 420 cannabis deals. Celebrate your 420 the Kurvana way, with special offers that will have you covered all month long.

When it comes to 420-themed sales, you have a lot to choose from. Kurvana’s flower promotion is: buy two half grams (or a full gram) and get another half gram of Key Lime, Northern Lights, Pink Sherbet or Tangie Dream for just a dollar. A half gram of some of the tastiest strains for only $1!* Sign. Us. Up. 

Don’t miss out on their BOGO spring sale either! Kurvana’s Spring Sale is offering customers an incredible buy one, get one free deal on hemp CBD vapes and carts at KurvanaCBD.com. Use code BOGO at checkout when you add multiples or two to your cart and get a product of equal or lesser value free.

If you’re stocking up, your cart better include their new ASCND™ line. It’s a next-level experience that’ll make your 2021 420 the best ever. ASCND™ live whole plant oils are high cannabinoid, full spectrum, single origin extracts. These oils are perfect for those who appreciate heavy psychoactive effects and love cannabis. ASCND™ offers a true-to-strain flower or weedy taste profile while still retaining the crucial bioactive terpenes and flavonoids we all love so much.

The high potency ASCND™ line offers high-level oils that prioritize intense hits and mild tastes. Each oil offers maximized THC levels for immediate, powerful effects. Kurvana’s all-new and better than ever ceramic heating element and optimized airflow delivers instant, high dose draws wherever you want it, whenever you want it.

The theme of this year’s 420 is buy one, get one. Don’t miss out on your free CBD and $1 nugs; elevate your 420 with Kurvana by purchasing locally here, or online here

The Valley

SF / Bay Area

*Offer only valid at participating retailers. Based on strain availability (while supplies last) promotion valid through 4/30/2021.