ASCND offers 10 strains with fully unlocked taste that reveals the complexity of a full spectrum extract.

High Potency

ASCND oils are high cannabinoid full-spectrum, single origin extracts. These oils have an ideal composition for users who appreciate heavy psychoactive effects and a true-to-strain flower or weedy taste profile, while still retaining crucial bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.

Ceramic Technology

Our tailored version of the latest ceramic heating technology, with customized adjustments to optimize our device to perfection.


Earth OG


Earthy  |  Herbal  |  Spicy

Warm fall feels rooted in muted spice, with a wet soil aroma alongside notes of eucalyptus and clove.


Purple Punch


Earthy  |  Berry  |  Diesel

Akin to fresh berries delicately picked off the vine, with creamy undertones of earth and diesel.

Lunar OG


Lemon  |  Pine  |  Earthy

A deep OG essence and diesel undertones, peppered by hints of unearthed soil and freshly squeezed lemon.

Northern Lights


Earthy  |  Pine  |  Sweet

A naturally creamy collision of flora and pine cone, reminiscent of a winter walk through the woods.

Cosmic Glue


Diesel  |  Lemon  |  Pungent

Subtle scents of pine wood and sour citrus compliment a funky, fuel-filled afterbite for an out of this world experience.

Pink Sherbet


Sweet  |  Citrus  |  Earthy

A subdued tribute to the unique nuances of pink citrus, fusing faint notes grapefruit and strawberry.

Key Lime


Lime  |  Sweet  |  Pungent

Like your grandma’s tart, sugar-coated pie: gratifying to the last morsel and made by a true OG.

Amnesia Haze


Citrus  |  Lemon  |  Earthy

Sweet citrus bliss with a nutty chestnut twist.

Tangie Dream


Citrus  |  Orange  |  Sweet

The beloved offspring of two timeless classics, this freshly-picked tangy delight is an instant favorite by the first silky draw.

Candy Jack


Sweet  |  Citrus  |  Pine

Satisfyingly sweet and subtly spicy, this classic Jack taste has a smoky aroma with a light lemon zest, enveloped in evergreen.

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