The new tincture standard.

Introducing Kurvana’s Botanical Tinctures, a collection of all-natural, cannabis-infused liposomes.

Meet Our Newest Line

Perfectly formulated botanical and cannabis-infused sublingual liposomal tinctures.
All-natural with NO flavoring, coloring, alcohol, or fillers.
Each tincture contains a curated ratio of full-spectrum cannabinoids.


Balance 1:1:1

Suited for everyday use. This wellness tincture provides daily balance to the mind and body by combining key cannabinoids with organic ingredients.

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Calm 20:1:1

A non-habit forming tincture to help you relax, induce a sense of tranquility, and bring moments of calm when needed most.

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Recovery 2:1:3

A revitalizing boost for people who need it most. Using potent botanicals, our alcohol-free tincture works to sustain energy levels, support full-body recovery, and maximize senses.

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Sensual 1:1:6

A stimulating tincture for intimate moments—made with passionflower, ashwagandha, and saffron oil, this is designed to generate feelings of passion, warmth, and excitement to enhance sensuality.

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Sunshine 1:1:10

Stimulating and invigorating, this THC-dominant tincture, which contains revitalizing citrusy notes, uplifts and energizes moments when mental clarity and focus is essential, allowing creativity to thrive.

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100% Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil
  • Full-spectrum extraction naturally preserves the raw plant’s phytochemicals.
  • Includes: THC, CBD, CBG, terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential oils.
  • Full-spectrum of botanical compounds work synergistically for a unique entourage effect.
Advanced Liposomal and Nano-Technology Delivery
Kurvana advanced delivery system enables faster absorption than other current tincture products on the market.
  • Increased bioavailability and rapid absorption.
  • Stable and predictable experience with every use.
  • Precise and consistent dosing.


Our uniquely-curated bioactive ingredients were carefully chosen for the major role they play in maintaining homeostasis and optimizing overall well-being. Just like the role adaptogens play in helping balance the body, cannabinoids also help regulate the human endocannabinoid system in the mind and body. By combining key adaptogens and cannabinoids, we effectively created oils that boost and amplify the effects of one another.

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Assists with cortisol management and stress relief
Found in Calm + Sensual
Blue Tansy
Reduces nasal congestion and induces calming effects
Found in Calm
Reduces anxiety, stress and aids with sleep issues
Found in Calm
Assists with cortisol management and stress relief
Found in Sensual
Improves memory, promotes wakefulness and focus
Found in Recovery
Effective at enhancing mood and boosting libido
Found in Sensual
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