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Choosing the Best Cannabis Carts

Choosing the Best Cannabis Carts

As vaping has become increasingly more popular than smoking in recent years, cannabis cartridges (or “carts”) are more widely available. There are hundreds of brands, strains, and various styles of hardware to choose from at dispensaries today, which is great news for cannabis enthusiasts. Using a vape or cartridge is a portable, convenient,  and discreet way to consume your favorite strain. However, not all cartridges are created equal, and when it comes to what you put in your body, you can never be too selective. When deciding which cartridge to buy, it’s important to check the ingredients, as well as how the oil was extracted. 

Most cannabis companies are transparent about what’s inside their cartridges, and the first thing to look for is oil that does not have any type of additives. A premium product will not only be free of synthetic ingredients, but it will also be made using a safe extraction method. All Kurvana products contain only pure cannabis oil. Further, our premium quality oil is tested at each phase of production so you are guaranteed a clean, pure, high-quality cannabis oil: the best cannabis cartridges on the market.

What is a Weed Cart?

You will hear cannabis cartridges referred to by several different names, including “weed carts,” “marijuana carts,” vape cartridges,” “THC carts,” or “vape carts.” While they generally mean the same thing, a reference to CBD or THC tends to imply that that particular ingredient is dominant in the finished product.

These cartridges are usually small tanks or vessels filled with cannabis oil or extract. Available in 0.5 mL and 1 mL sizes (also referred to as half-gram and 1 gram,) they come in various strains and cartridge flavors.

Before exploring various strains and flavors, it’s valuable to understand more about cartridges themselves. Cartridges should always be made from high-grade materials, of which glass is the most common type. Metal and ceramic cartridges are also reliable options, and all cartridges should have built-in safety seals to prevent the air and oil content from mixing.

Note: It is important to avoid lower-quality cartridges purchased through non-licensed retailers. These devices are often constructed from poor materials that can release harmful chemicals. Instead, try to ensure you buy from a reputable brand such as Kurvana, which will always manufacture cartridges to the highest standards.

What’s Inside a Cart?

Succinctly, cartridges contain cannabis oil derived from the cannabis plant.

Terpenes are hydrocarbons found in essential plant oils that give strains their specific scent and flavor. The addition of artificial terpenes and other additives is generally not necessary when cannabis plants are hand-harvested while at their optimal terpene level. For more in-depth knowledge on the effects of individual terpenes, refer to our quick guide to cannabis terpenes.

Kurvana products are created through our own proprietary process that uses full-spectrum extraction. This process focuses on preserving and purifying the essence of the cannabis plant and uses the whole, live plant to ensure that all cartridges retain their true-to-strain taste.

Are There Different Types of Weed Carts?

The two different types of cartridges are standalone (or “pod”) tanks and cartridges that are part of an “all in one” system.  

cbd weed carts
CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. In contrast, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is sought-after for its psychoactive effects.

Standalone cartridges can be removed and replaced

using the same vaporizer when they run out of material. The cartridge in an All-In-One vaporizer is neither removable nor replaceable, so the entire vaporizer must be replaced once these cartridges are empty.

Both cartridge types are available in the Kurvana store.

CBD vs THC Cartridge

THC cartridges and CBD cartridges are constructed in the same way, though of course a THC cartridge would use strains that are themselves THC-dominant while a CBD cartridge would use CBD-dominant strains. 

THC cartridges are known for their psychoactive effects. CBD cartridges are not generally psychoactive, and are instead often thought of as being useful for reducing pain and anxiety and other positive effects on the mind and body.

FAQs about Cannabis Cartridges

How long does a cannabis cartridge last? 

Multiple factors, such as hit intensity and frequency, will affect how long carts last. As long as it is stored properly, the typical shelf life of a Kurvana product is 12-18 months. Most cartridges are enjoyed well before this time, even if only used occasionally. 

For example, a 0.5mL cartridge contains approximately 150 draws, depending on the battery device used and the intensity of the user’s draws. 

Do THC carts expire?

When stored properly, the psychoactive effects of THC will not be reduced by much, if at all, as the Delta-9 THC inside a cartridge degrades very little over time. In some cases, an older THC cartridge may develop off-flavors, but it is still safe to consume. 

How to make your cannabis cartridge last longer.

The best way to maximize the life of your vape cartridge is to store it properly. Cartridges should be kept in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight, and standalone cartridges should be stored separately from the battery when not in use.

If cartridges are stored in temperatures that are too cold, their content becomes more difficult to vaporize. If the storage area is too hot, the oil quality may degrade due to oxidation.

Our Quick Start Guide contains a full overview of the proper use and care instructions for vaporizers and cartridges. 

What does an expired cartridge look like?

Expired cartridges may look, smell, or taste differently than fresh cartridges. For example, cannabis oil darkens over time, so an older cannabis cartridge may have a different color than a newly-purchased cartridge.

Is it bad to smoke an old and brown cartridge?

While most high-quality cartridges can be safely used past their expiration date, they may not deliver the same flavor as in a fresh cartridge. In contrast, lower-quality cartridges tend to degrade rapidly in flavor as they age.

How can I tell if my cannabis cartridge is fake?

The best way to avoid fake products is to purchase them only from licensed cannabis retailers or the Kurvana store. Please note that Kurvana cannabis products are currently available only in California.

If you believe you have been sold a counterfeit Kurvana product, please email us at hello@kurvana.com with the following:

– Photos of the packaging: front and back.

– Photos of the product: front, back, top and bottom.

– Name and location of the retailer where you purchased the product.

Make sure you purchase your cannabis cartridges from licensed retailers and reputable brands that put safety first.

Why does my cart taste burnt?

Burnt cartridges usually result from heating low oil levels, and vaping them is not recommended for health reasons. Cartridges should be discarded before the oil level reaches the coil, and pens should be regularly cleaned to avoid the build-up of trace residues that can burn over time.  If your cart is full and tastes burnt, you may need to check if your battery is set to an appropriate voltage

Can you dab a broken cart?

We don’t recommend consuming a broken cartridge as the contents may have been exposed to outside contaminants, making it unsafe to inhale. Therefore, it is always safer to dispose of broken cartridges.

How to Dispose of Vape Cartridges.

Proper vape cartridge disposal is as important as correct storage. Partially full or full cartridges should be placed in solid waste containers or disposed of with household hazardous waste. All-In-One vaporizer pens and rechargeable batteries are potential fire risks and should always be disposed of separately from standard household garbage.

Bottom Line

Most users who already appreciate the potential mood and wellness benefits of cannabis oil are looking for practical, mobile, and unique ways to enjoy their products. With the proper knowledge of how to care for and dispose of cannabis cartridges, vaping is a long-term, discreet, and convenient way to experience its benefits.

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