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Multicolored Kurvana vape pens

Level up to instant gratification.

Experience the unrivaled tastes and aromas of our wide variety of full-spectrum, live whole plant products.

Kurvana Sativa Cartridges and Vaporizers


Curated Concentrates
Expertly curated concentrates that celebrate the rich complexity of the original living cannabis plant.
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High-Potency Line
Made from premium flower, our unique ASCND oils are made to provide a higher state of mind.
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Kurvana Originals Collection


Terpene-Rich Line
Our classic flower strains using only native cannabis terpenes that taste and feel like the flower they came from.
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CBD + Minor Cannabinoids

Full-Spectrum Blends
Our signature Live Whole Plant extract with elevated cannabis and botanical terpenes.
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Botanical + Cannabis-Infused Liposomes
Comprised of key bioactive plant ingredients known to synergistically promote and enhance everyday wellness.
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Custom Devices
From the materials used down to our custom shape, we made essential updates to give you the most reliable and consistent vape experience.
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2022 Collection
Our limited edition runs of high-quality apparel to show off the love for our brand.
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