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Frequently Asked Questions

Kurvana Knowledge Base
  • As a brand leader in premium cannabis, Kurvana continues to transform the industry, offering innovative products of uncompromising quality, sitting at the intersection of nature and science. With focus on the development of highly intrinsic oil, Kurvana delivers multiple options for connoisseurs and beginners alike. Since 2014, Kurvana has surpassed the industry’s standard of quality, formulating natural botanical ingredients to create some of the world’s best cannabis and hemp products. Today, Kurvana is widely recognized by its commitment to enhancing the everyday life of consumers with the most natural, pure, and safe products in the cannabis and hemp space.

  • We use our own proprietary method that uses a full-spectrum, whole plant extraction process, which focuses on preserving and purifying the essence of the cannabis plant. We use the whole, live plant to maintain the integrity of the plant’s phytochemical fingerprint, which is essential to our oils’ true-to-strain taste. Please check out our blog for more information on our commitment to safety and quality: Our Commitment To Quality and Vape Safety.

  • No. Our products NEVER use any fillers or additives, which includes, but is not limited to: tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate), glycols, vegetable glycerin, artificial flavoring, synthetic terpenes, or cutting agents. The ONLY ingredients that are found in our vaporizer pens are natural, full-spectrum cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes. Read more here.

  • All of our products are made in-house at our state-of-the-art facilities located across California.

  • It all begins with passionate cultivators at the epicenters of our California Central Coast grows. Our genetics are carefully chosen based on the distinct, naturally produced phytochemical profiles within the plant’s glandular trichomes.

  • Terpenes are a large class of naturally occurring compounds that provide flavors, aromas, and therapeutic benefits that are produced by a variety of plants including cannabis; they play a huge part in the overall experience of our products. Check out our blog to learn why terpenes play an essential role in choosing the best product for your needs: Citron OG: Why it’s more complicated than sativa vs. indica.

  • Yes! In addition to our collection of traditional cartridges, we also offer cannabis tinctures. Meet our new and highly anticipated Botanicals line.

  • Since our founding in 2014, Kurvana has embraced full-spectrum extracts over distillate and isolate derived cannabis vape products. Our full-spectrum extracts provide a true-to-strain experience that enhance the tastes, feelings and effects found in the original flower. Only native cannabis ingredients are used in our product lines. Though a lengthy and costly process, preserving cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids play an essential role in how we experience cannabis.

  • Yes! Our hardware (carts, all-in-ones, and batteries) undergo extensive research and development to surpass our customer's experience in terms of reliability, quality, and safety. We develop all our hardware in-house and are constantly making improvements.

  • Yes! We conduct a variety of heavy metal testing for our cartridges and all-in-ones, using Phase 3 California compliance testing as a benchmark. Learn more here.

Getting Started, Storage and Troubleshooting
  • In order to get the best vape experience, before and after attaching your cartridge to the battery, prime the cartridge by taking 3 slow draws. This allows the oil to absorb into the chamber for superior flavor. Failure to set up the device correctly may cause permanent damage to the heating element.

    For new users, we recommend starting gradually by taking one small 3-second inhale. Wait 15 minutes before dosing again. Effects will vary between individuals. Although our oils are often felt instantly for most, it may take up to 15 minutes to feel the full effects. The length of inhalation will also impact the effect. For more information please check out our Quick Start Guide.

  • For optimal performance, we recommend that you use the appropriate Kurvana 510 thread battery; our batteries are designed and paired with our cartridges for optimal temperature, durability, vaporization, and electrical settings. We recommend setting other devices between 3.3- 3.7 Volts or 11 Watts, but we cannot guarantee the quality with off-branded battery devices. For more information and visual reference please check out our Quick Start Guide.

  • Our latest premium ceramic heating element features new material composition and refinement that heats without burning the wicking system. From high quality stainless steel to our BPA-free tank, we kept safety in mind. Check out our Innovation page to learn more about our latest hardware.

  • When you plug your Kurvana device into the charging unit, the LED light will illuminate when charging. Once the charge is complete, the LED light will turn off, indicating the device is fully charged. For more information and visual reference please check out our Quick Start Guide.

  • Just like any electronic device, getting the most out of our vaporizer starts with proper storage. Our recyclable CR packaging makes it easy to properly store your cartridges to ensure a consistent experience from the first draw to the last.

    - Detach cartridge from battery when not in use for extended periods of time.
    - Store cartridge in cool and dim light with original packaging.
    - Keep positive pins clean by using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

    For more information, please check out our Quick Start Guide.

  • Kurvana 0.5 mL cartridges contain approximately 150 puffs (doses) and around 300 puffs for our 1.0 mL cartridges, depending on the type of battery device you are using as well as the length of your draws.

  • The average shelf life for a Kurvana cartridge is 12 months. However, this may vary depending on proper storage and use. We do not foresee any adverse side effects from using any older cartridges. The oil itself may appear to become darker over time as any direct sunlight or over exposure to temperatures will affect the appearance of the oil. Learn more here: Why Cannabis Darkens Over Time.

  • We’re so sorry to hear that! We offer comprehensive exchange policies with all of our partnered retailers. Please return your defective Kurvana product and packaging to the shop you purchased from in order to request a replacement at no cost. Please note that many shops require original packaging and receipt, as well as more than half the oil inside the cartridge to honor an exchange. Please feel free to contact us with any issues or concerns at hello@kurvana.com. You may also find our latest Troubleshooting Guide below.

  • Due to our high-powered CTEC heating element, the device will become extremely hot during excessive use. Do not draw consecutively for more than 3 puffs without giving device time to cool down (approx. 2-5 minutes). Chain vaping may cause overheating, malfunction, leaking, clogging, burns and/or injuries.

Verifying Kurvana Products
  • To arrive on how we label our products, we must first touch on our manufacturing and quality control methods. At Kurvana, we rigorously test our raw material multiple times before the end product arrives at the hands of our consumers. All raw material must undergo a Phase I and Phase II test type to verify that the material meets or exceeds our standards. Learn more about testing here. During each step, we test for potency, and this allows us to gather quantitative data for our listed potency. We have found that, although we perform multiple tests on the same extract batch, the analytical testing labs we partner with have a 10% variance in their methodologies. Through our own independent testing, we gather this information to produce our label claims (listed potency). The State of CA requires that a homogenized sample of a tested product be within 10% of the stated label claim. As such, you may see a 10% potency variance from the labeling vs. the lab results listed on LUCID.

  • Our KurvanaScope labeling offers unprecedented lab transparency that showcases everything you need to know before consuming, at a glance. You can now also find full test results and much more by scanning the LUCID ID QR code on the back of our packaging.

  • To avoid purchasing counterfeits from the illicit market, we encourage our valued customers to purchase your Kurvana products at licensed cannabis retailers. Please visit our website at kurvana.com/locations or find us on WeedMaps and iHeart Jane platforms to find a licensed retailer near you. Please note that Kurvana cannabis products are currently available only in California.

    In an effort to combat counterfeits, we are continuously improving our packaging and labeling. We recently introduced LUCID QR codes to our packaging.

    If you believe you’ve been sold a counterfeit Kurvana product, please email us at hello@kurvana.com with the following:

    - Photos of the packaging; front and back.
    - Photos of the product; front, back, top and bottom.
    - Name and location of the retailer, or Weedmaps link, where you purchased the product.

Wholesale and Retail Sales
  • Yes! We now offer Kurvana Direct – our very own delivery service in California. To verify if we deliver in your area, please visit shop.kurvana.com

    You may purchase our Hemp derived and non-THC products online directly at kurvanacbd.com

  • Thank you for your interest in Kurvana! Please contact our Support Team at hello@kurvana.com with your licensing and contact information to initiate the process. We look forward to working with you!

  • Thank you for choosing Kurvana! We offer a variety of choices to find our products:

    Shop Directly


    Find Authorized Retailers


    Per state regulations, Kurvana’s cannabis-derived (THC) products can only be sold in licensed retail locations throughout California. Some delivery and storefront retail locations offer online ordering for pick up or delivery. You may find one near you using our Locator.