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Half Gram Cart

Half Gram Cart Vs Full Gram

When looking to purchase cannabis cartridges containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), you will generally encounter products that are listed as either half gram or full gram, or .5 gram cartridges vs. 1 gram. It’s important to note that the distinction relates only to the amount of THC concentrate contained within each cartridge, and has no other bearing on its contents. A 500 mg cart is a half gram, which contains roughly 0.5 milliliters (ml) of cannabis oil. A full gram cart will contain twice the amount of a half gram cart, which sometimes may be referred to as “half a cart.”

The choice between half a gram cart and a full gram cart often comes down to personal preference and usage habits. For those new to vaping cannabis, starting with half a cart (0.5ml) might be a more manageable option, offering a chance to experience different strains without a significant commitment.

In this article, we will cover the distinctions between full gram and half gram cartridges, and answer pressing questions such as “how much do half gram carts cost,” and “how long should a half gram cart last?” to aid you in your buying decisions.

How Long Does A Half Gram Cart Last 


How long a half gram cart lasts can depend on a variety of factors. These include battery wattage, oil viscosity, and the strength and length of each inhale. Typically, a half gram wax cart will provide between 75-150 draws. If you were to take three draws per day, for example, most half gram carts for sale would last you approximately six weeks.

If you’re curious about how long a cartridge will last before it expires, the average half gram cart will last around 12 months from the time it’s manufactured. You will want to consume the entire cartridge during this period, otherwise you may notice discoloration in the oil or concentrate or some loss of flavor.

How Much Is A Half Gram Cart? 

So, how much are half gram carts? The answer to this question varies because the price will vary by company and strain. Kurvana’s 0.5 ml cartridges range from $35 to $50.

Some cannabis brands sell half gram carts at lower prices, but the price is often matched by lower quality. It’s a good practice to check the half gram cart packaging to learn about the THC content, which will tell you how potent the cartridge will be. It’s also important to research the brand’s safety and purity standards. 

Half gram carts, or .5ml carts,  are great for people new to vaping since it provides them with smaller amounts of cannabis than their larger counterparts. It’s also a good way for users to try a new strain for the first time without committing to a full gram cart.

How Many Hits Are In a Half Gram Cart?

When inhaling from a half gram cart (sometimes referred to as “half a cart”)  you can expect to get 75 to 150 draws, but there isn’t a set standard for the number of draws in cart, nor for how long a half gram cartridge lasts. An average draw from a vape pen should contain around 3-5 milligrams of concentrate, but this can vary depending on a number of factors.

Factors contributing to how many hits users receive:

  • Individual Inhalation: Keep in mind, not everyone draws the same length of time, or with the same force. 
  • Battery: Different batteries will have different settings that affect the number of hits in a half gram cart. Batteries that provide a higher level of heat will consume concentrate at a faster rate than at a lower temperature.
  • Oil Viscosity: Cartridges containing concentrate with high viscosity require additional heat to produce consistent vapor, which can have an effect on the number of draws for the end user.

How Long Does A Full Gram Cart Last? 

A full gram cart can last anywhere between a day to 3 months depending on the end user drawing from the cartridge, and several other factors. 

As mentioned earlier, how long a cart lasts relies on how much the user draws from the cart on each inhalation. The full gram can last a short time for one person while another may use it for a long time.

Full gram cartridges contain enough cannabis for users enjoying a favorite strain and are ideal for expert users, and those looking to fully enjoy a complex and flavorful strain over a longer period of time.

Novices may relish drawing from a full gram as well, since they can purchase one and use it over an extended period. Cartridges do not typically expire for at least 12 months from their manufacturing date, so novice users need not worry about their full gram cart going to waste.

How Many Grams Is A Full Cart and What Do They Cost?

A full cart contains 1 gram, or 1 ml, of cannabis oil, offering a larger quantity for those who vape more frequently or prefer to stock up on their favorite strain.

Just like their smaller counterparts, the full gram cart prices will vary depending on the manufacturer, and cannabis strain used to make the oil. Kurvana’s high-quality full spectrum 1 ml cannabis oil cartridges range in price from between $50 to $85 for concentrates.

How Many Hits Are In a 1 Gram Cart?

Each 1 ml, full gram cart contains enough concentrate to provide between 150-300 draws, or hits, but as mentioned earlier, the exact number will vary from person to person, and cartridge to cartridge.

It’s good practice to note size, manufacturer, strain, and concentrate type (distillate or live resin), and how long the cartridge lasts when you purchase one. Each of these can affect how much concentrate is delivered per draw, and you’ll quickly learn how many hits you can expect from future THC vape carts. 

Overall, users may decide between a 1 gram cart vs a half gram for various reasons. Whether you’re looking to sample a new strain, stock up on a favorite, or you’re an advanced user, you can select the size that suits your needs best.

Kurvana has a rich line of distinct flavors across three unique cartridge collections: ASCND, CARBON21, and Originals. These delicious and potent cannabis oil cartridges have flavor and aroma profiles to suit any palette, including earthy, citrus, berry, mint, and pine, as well as diesel, tart, and skunk, each derived from the unique terpenes present in the individual strains. 

The highlights of the Kurvana experience are the clear-cut transparency and unmatched testing of the products our community takes part in every day. All Kurvana 1 ml and 0.5 ml cartridges contain high-quality, full-spectrum cannabis oil that is extracted using a proprietary process, ensuring a clean and pure product.

People Also Ask

How Many Hits Does a Cart Have?

The number of hits a cart has can vary widely. For half gram cartridges, expect between 75 to 150 hits. For full gram cartridges, this range can double, offering 150 to 300 hits. These estimates depend on the user’s vaping habits and the specific cartridge’s design and oil viscosity.

Are half gram carts better than full gram?

Half gram carts are not inherently better than full gram carts; the choice depends on personal preference, frequency of use, and desire to try different strains without commitment.

How many hits is a 0.5 gram cart?

A 0.5 gram cart typically offers between 75 to 150 hits, varying based on factors like inhalation length and battery wattage.

What is the difference between 1g and 0.5g carts?

The primary difference between 1g and 0.5g carts is the amount of cannabis oil they contain, with 1g carts holding twice as much oil and potentially offering double the number of hits compared to 0.5g carts.