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Highest Percentage THC Cartridges 2023

Highest Percentage THC Cartridges 2023

THC vape cartridges are a popular way to consume tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are many cannabis strains and vape cartridge options available today, each with its own unique blend of flavors, qualities, and THC levels. THC levels generally reflect a strain’s potency, and cartridges with the highest THC percentages often produce the strongest effects.

Cannabis growers and cultivators have worked for years to create hemp or ‘weed’ strains with the highest THC concentration by cross breeding strains which themselves have high THC percentages. 

Vape cartridges offer higher THC levels compared to the plant alone, thanks to the use of extracted concentrates. However, for those seeking the most impactful vaping experience, it is important to choose cartridges with specific terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and THC, as doing so, helps to modulate the THC effects on a person. 

If you are interested in learning more about high-quality, high-THC cartridges, Kurvana offers a variety of options to explore. In this article, we explore how Kurvana’s products can help you achieve the elevated experience you are looking for.

Highest THC Percentage Cartridges

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Structure

Look no further than Kurvana’s ASCND line, it is perfect for those looking for top-quality high-THC concentrates. There, you will find the Amnesia Haze cartridges, which boast 94.13% THC*, making them the cartridges with the highest percentage of THC in the line. Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant strain known for its pungent, lemony overtones and earthy aroma, and is perfect for those looking for energetic, and creative feelings. Amnesia Haze is a hybrid, formed by crossing Afghani Hawaiian and Jamaican strains.  

Other ASCND cartridges with elevated THC concentration include Cherry Truffle, a tasty hybrid strain with notes of Sour Cherry made from crossing the Cherry Noire and Afghani strains, and the delicious Georgia Sky strain, which is a sativa-dominant cross of the Georgia Peach and Skywalker OG strains and features a high THC concentration of 91.82%.*

Average THC Percentage in Cartridges 

Since there are so many different cannabis products on the market, it is hard to give an industry-wide average THC percentage. Kurvana’s ASCND line is renowned for its consistent high-potency concentrates. Achieving consistency in cannabis batches is a difficult task. This is why Kurvana has developed multiple state-of-the-art testing processes to ensure the cleanest, best product possible. Furthermore, all Kurvana products are tested on-site and by a 3rd party lab to ensure that only top-quality cannabis oil makes it into the vape cartridges.

Why do different strains have different THC percentages?

Cannabis strains have different THC percentages due to many variables, including their genetic makeup, growing conditions, and plant maturity at harvest time. Each strain produces a wide spectrum of cannabinoids. Some breeders work to create strains with the highest THC percentage, while other cultivators work to get increased cannabidiol (CBD) levels inside concentrates. Each strain produces a unique blend of terpenes and flavonoids, which contribute to flavor and the different mental and physical effects that the strain produces.
There are other factors that can lead to variances between two plants of the same strain. Light usage, nutrients in the soil, and specific growing methods can cause cannabinoids to vary from plant to plant. This is why, for example, the same Blue Dream strain from different cannabis brands can vary in THC and CBD strength.

Is there such a thing as too much THC?

People who are looking for the cartridge with the highest THC percentage might wonder if it is possible to have too much THC. A THC “overdose” is not fatal, but it can be an uncomfortable experience. Every person reacts to THC differently; therefore, the perfect dosage amount will vary by user. 

For high THC vape cartridges, look no further than the following Kurvana strains: Alien Kush, Cherry Truffle, Georgia Sky strain, and Amnesia Haze!

*Potencies vary by batch.