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An image of Kurvana's botanicals collection Balance 1:1:1 cannabis tincture.

Balance 1:1:1

Suited for everyday use. This wellness tincture provides daily balance to the mind and body by combining key cannabinoids with natural ingredients.

Bioactive Ingredients


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Unprecedented testing transparency. Learn more about this product below:
  • Description

    Kurvana’s Balance 1:1:1 is a perfectly balanced premium cannabis tincture crafted for everyday use. Each bottle provides a range of potential benefits, including relaxation, mood enhancement, and increased mental clarity and focus. By combining key cannabinoids in an MCT oil suspension, this calming tincture offers just the right blend for optimal daily wellness. 

    CBD, CBG, and THC are the bioactive ingredients in our Balance blend, each present in equal proportions. If you’re seeking a 1:1 CBD -THC tincture that won’t overpower with THC’s psychoactive properties while still reaping its health benefits, this is your perfect blend. The presence of CBD and CBG act as buffers to THC’s psychoactivity, allowing for a mellow and gentle experience. The tincture can be taken any time of day, and a few drops are all you need.

  • Potency per 30 mL

    Total Cannabinoids

    1,200.00 mg

    Total CBD

    400.00 mg

    Total CBG

    400.00 mg

    Total THC

    400.00 mg

    *Potencies vary by batch.

  • Single Serving Information


    6.67 mg/serv.


    6.67 mg/serv.


    6.67 mg/serv.

    Total Cannabinoids

    20.00 mg/serv.

    60 servings per bottle when dosed in 0.5 mL portions.

  • Bioactive Ingredients

    • CBD (Cannabidiol) 400 mg per bottle/6.67 mg per serving*: CBD is most often used for anxiety, stress, and pain. 


    • CBG (Cannabigerol) 400 mg per bottle/6.67 mg per serving*: CBG is antimicrobial, and may improve mood while reducing inflammation. 


    • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) 400 mg per bottle/6.67 mg per serving*: THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in the Cannabis sativa plant. It is responsible for euphoric effects, stimulating appetite and calming anxiety.


    • MCT Oil: Enhances the bioavailability of the other ingredients, providing high absorption properties.


    *Each bottle contains 60 servings when dosed in 0.5 mL portions. 

    1200 mg total cannabinoids per bottle.  Potencies may vary by batch. 

  • Instructions

    Place 0.5 mL under the tongue, holding it there 15 seconds before swallowing. Shake before use.

  • Ingredients

    MCT oil (in the form of caprylic capric triglycerides), cannabis oil.

    No artificial colors, dyes, or fillers.

  • Balance 1:1:1 Effects and Uses

    Cannabis tinctures like Kurvana’s Balance offer a convenient way to consume cannabinoids without inhalation. Like any THC tincture, the bioactive ingredients will easily enter the bloodstream when taken sublingually, allowing a much faster absorption rate than edibles, which must be digested and then filter through the liver. This sublingual method is preferable to many cannabis enthusiasts who prefer a rapid onset of effects but choose not to smoke or vape. 

    Kurvana’s Balance 1:1:1 tincture is used to help relieve the symptoms of general anxiety, elevate the mood, and to promote mental focus and all around wellness. It can be taken throughout the day at your discretion, and comes with the convenience of portability in a 30mL glass bottle with dropper. 

  • Testing Methodology

    Our products are rigorously tested by independent, third-party laboratories, which allows us to screen for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and other contaminants at resolutions exceeding parts per billion. Our products NEVER use tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate), propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, artificial flavoring, synthetic terpenes, fillers, additives, or cutting agents in our vaporizer pens. 

    We run up-to-date, full-panel analytical tests at multiple stages of the production process. From cultivation to extraction, we thoroughly analyze every Kurvana product through third-party labs, which post these results on their website. Using these rigorous quality assurance methods, we can guarantee that Kurvana products are free of solvents, microbials, additives, pesticides, and toxic chemicals. Please check out our blog for more information on our commitment to safety and quality. 

    Learn more here

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