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Kurvana Rewards

powered by LucidID

Start earning rewards simply by scanning the LucidID QR code on the packaging of your Kurvana products. Scan every time you purchase to claim BudPoints which you can use towards redeeming exclusive apparel, accessories, and soon, your Kurvana favorite products.

Scan | Learn | Earn Rewards

Earn rewards for your purchases!

Get started with 3 easy steps:

1. Download the LucidID App

2. Scan and authenticate your Kurvana product

3. Instantly claim your points and join Kurvana Rewards

Exclusive merchandise added quarterly

Available only to Rewards Members

Lifestyle accessories for all adventures

Verify & Learn About Your Kurvana Products

Verify your brand product is authentic with a quick scan. Get all the information about your Kurvana product to have the safest, most predictable, and most enjoyable experience. You’ll see details of what's in your product, standard dosage guidance, and tools to find ideal dosages and likely effects.

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Get access to your product's Certificate of Analysis

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Ensure your products are authentic and avoid consuming illicit market products

Receive Exclusive Access to Kurvana Direct Deals

Opt-In for push notifications and receive access to our best deals on Kurvana Direct

Redeem for Rewards and More

Collect points in your Kurvana Rewards wallet and redeem them for exclusive merchandise, and soon, your favorite Kurvana products. We’ll ship your reward item directly to you!

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