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Sativa Effects

Sativa Effects

Cannabis strains are commonly categorized as sativa, indica, or hybrid. Unfortunately, these categorizations are often overused when describing the effects of cannabis. They describe the structure of a cannabis plant, not its effect on your body and mind. 

Nevertheless, these categorizations are not likely to be replaced anytime soon, so, with appropriate caveats, this article will provide an overview of sativa’s effects on the brain and body.

sativa effects
Cannabis Flower with a Sativa Strain

What is the Cannabis Sativa Plant?

The sativa plant is native to Central Asia, and grows well in warm, dry climates worldwide. The leaves are generally long, narrow, and light green, while the stems are usually long and slender and can grow to 12-20 feet in length in ideal conditions.

Cannabis sativa strains vary in many ways, including flavor. Some popular strains have naturally-occuring flavors, such as pine, lemon, and berry. These are not artificial flavors added to cannabis products; the Kurvana’s process preserves each plant’s phytochemical fingerprint and does not add artificial flavorings. Kurvana products taste natural because they are.

How Much THC is in Sativa?

The THC content in a cannabis sativa plant varies depending on the specific strain and growing conditions, such as the amount of sunlight that it receives. Sativa plants often contain 15-23% THC, compared with approximately 10% for indica.

When purchasing THC Cartridges, the THC of the oil will be significantly more concentrated and you can expect THC percentages ranging from 50% to over 95%.

What Are the Effects of Sativa?

As noted above, sativa vs. indica is not an ideal way of categorizing a strain’s effects. The effects of a particular strain are influenced by many other factors, especially the presence of terpenes and cannabinoids: compounds that contribute to a cannabis strain’s chemical profile.  

Indeed, questions asked in an online forum of cannabis end-users shows the level of confusion (and contradictory information) about sativa and indica effects:

  • What does sativa feel like?  Do indica and sativa really have different effects?
  • Does sativa actually give you energy?  Is sativa really energizing? 
  • Can sativas make you tired?  Why does sativa weed make me tired?
  • How does sativa make you act?

However, we don’t have to give up entirely. We can make general statements about the effects of sativa, as long as we keep in mind that there are many other factors in play.

In general, many or even most sativas are energizing and provide an uplifting, stimulating effect. They are also commonly described by users as providing feelings of creativity, productivity, and focus; as such, they are often thought of as being for “daytime” use. Indeed, they are usually better-suited for physical activity than indicas.

In addition, the happy and mood-enhancing feeling that many users report when using sativa strains has been said to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.  
Still, when choosing an oil, it’s best to look at that strain’s specific effects as opposed to relying on an indica vs. sativa categorization. Below are some examples of popular sativa strains and some commonly-reported effects:

  • Blue Dream – Mental stimulation and full-body relaxation
  • Sour Diesel – Rapid dreamy and energizing effect
  • Chocolope – Uplifting and euphoric effect that some report as helping with depression or stress      

Another important factor to consider is the content of CBD in your chosen strain. In general, the less CBD (relative to THC) implies a stronger psychoactive and energetic effect, while high volumes of CBD tends to mitigate the effect of THC and provide a more relaxing experience.  

Adding to the complexity, the same strain may even affect people differently, based on factors like their tolerance, physical size, and other substances they consume at the same time.

The next time you hear someone casually asking for “sativa strain weed” at a dispensary, all you can do is hope that they are in the hands of an educated and patient budtender.

Sativa Side Effects and Sativa Bad Effects

Can you have a bad reaction to sativa? Yes, this is possible. Like any product with psychoactive properties, there is potential especially for inexperienced users to feel side effects that they find unpleasant. Most of these are transitory and not serious, such as dry mouth or dry eyes. 

If you find yourself experiencing more serious effets, such as anxiety or paranoia, be confident that these, too, are temporary. To reduce the risk of these effects, consider lower doses and/or a strain with a lower THC to CBD ratio.

Is Indica or Sativa Better for Sleep?

Does sativa or indica make you sleepy? In general, indica strains are more associated with a “sleepy” feeling than sativa, but some sativa strains, especially those with high CBD levels, can provide a relaxing and sleep-inducing experience. These sativa CBD effects will be more apparent in strains with a balanced THC:CBD ratio or ones in which CBD is dominant.

Cannabis Sativa Effects in Edibles

While oils are becoming increasingly popular, vape cartridges are not the only way to consume cannabis. For example, many end users ask what is the sativa effect in edibles. Or, in other words, are sativa gummy effects the same as when you vape or smoke it?

In general, the answer is yes. There are differences between vaping and eating cannabis sativa products, but these differences are not specific to sativa strains. For example, edibles generally provide a longer-lasting (but slower-acting) experience and this describes sativa edible gummies effects as well.  

How to Choose Your Next Sativa Strain

As with any product, do your research. One of the best sources for learning about the effects of different sativa strains is by reading cannabis product reviews. Visit the Kurvana Direct store (top-rated for quality) and explore all of the various products on offer, along with a description of their effects. Always remember that it’s easier to start with a lower dose and increase it later than vice versa and that every person experiences cannabis differently. 

Next up – time to browse the Kurvana Direct Store and put your knowledge to use!