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THC Weed Carts & Vape Cartridges – Everything you need to know

THC vape cartridges, sometimes shortened to “THC carts” or “weed carts” in popular culture, are an increasingly popular way to consume tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis that’s desired by many users, although it is only one of many other cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. This article will cover everything you need to know when choosing or using THC cartridges.

THC Weed Carts (cartridges) 101: How Do They Work?

THC cartridges, often referred to informally as “weed carts”  contain prefilled cannabis oil or concentrate of varying cannabinoid percentages. Users then load these cartridges into a cannabis vape pen, which is sometimes called a THC vape pen. At the moment of inhalation, the battery-powered cartridge vaporizes the cannabis oil of your chosen strain and variety.

Why are THC Cartridges Popular?

There are at least five reasons why THC carts are popular:

1. Cartridges are portable and convenient.
2.  There’s no mess, since the oil is ready to use. 
3.  They tend to be long-lasting, because they come in concentrated doses.
4.  You avoid the smell of burning cannabis. Unlike cannabis flower, THC vapes rarely smell strongly, and only produce the aromas of your chosen cartridge strain.
5.  They come in different strains. Just like cannabis flower, you have a wide range of exciting genetics and terpenes that amplify the taste and aroma of the weed cart, such as earthy, citrus, berry, mint, and pine, as well as more exotic ones like diesel, tart, and skunk.

What’s Inside a Cartridge?

A THC vape pen battery holds a cannabis cartridge loaded with pre-filled cannabis oil or cannabis extract (a highly potent concentrate, also known as dab or wax, that contains THC concentrations ranging from 50% to 95%). 

As noted above, cartridges come in a variety of strains. They’re offered as sativa carts, indica carts, or hybrid carts. Kurvana’s collections – including our Originals, ASCND, and CARBON21 lines, are available in cartridges that are compatible with most 510 thread batteries. They are also available in All-In-One options that are ready to use out of the box. 

Heads up: reviews may refer to products by different terms, e.g., “weed cart flavors” instead of “THC vape cart flavors.” In most instances, these mean the same thing. As long as you’re choosing a high-quality brand, the word “flavor” is not referring to added flavors, but to the naturally-occurring terpene flavors produced by any given strain of cannabis. This is the case for all Kurvana products.

What’s in Cannabis Oil?

One of our most frequently asked questions concerns the ingredients that go into cannabis oil. Or, at a dispensary, you might hear the same question posed as “what’s in weed oil?”


Since cannabis oil consists of concentrated extracts from cannabis plants, it contains the same active ingredients that the plants do. That said, the two main active ingredients of cannabis oil are THC and cannabidiol (CBD). Skunk plants tend to produce more THC, while hemp plants tend to produce more CBD.

When considering potency, the highest percentage THC carts can contain more than 90% THC.  For example, the indica-dominant Purple Punch is just over 92% THC while the sativa-dominant Amnesia Haze is over 94%.

A further complication is that there are two primary species of cannabis that you’ll often see on THC/weed cart labels: indica and sativa. As such, you may see some cartridges described as “indica” or “sativa” weed carts and may be wondering the difference between them. You will likely find many overly-simplistic definitions online (e.g., indica is for relaxation while sativa is for energy); in truth, each strain will affect different people differently according to their unique body chemistry. There are also hybrid cartridges, and these contain a hybrid strain that may be sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, or an equal balance of both.

THC Vape Pens: Potency and Strength of Effect

As noted above, the same strain will affect different people differently due to differences in body chemistry, but it is also affected by gender, weight, tolerance, and even what else you have eaten, drunk, or what medications you may have taken recently.

People new to vaping often ask how many hits they should take to get the desired effect.  Assuming that the oil has an 80% concentration of THC, a typical draw should contain 4 mg of THC. We recommend starting with small quantities and assessing the effect before moving to larger doses. A typical person using vaporizers might take two or three inhalations and feel an effect for approximately three hours. A more experienced person can eventually try our strongest thc carts, pens, and vapes.

THC cartridges and price

When looking at the price of cannabis oil cartridges, the first thing to consider is that they come in different sizes. The two most common sizes are 1 ml and 0.5ml cartridges. 1ml is equivalent to 1 gram, and the 0.5ml size (also referred to as “point-five gram cart”, “half gram weed cart”, or “half gram dab“) is equal to 500 mg, which is the most common size offered.

Prices for quality 0.5ml cartridges vary from about $35 to $55, while 1ml cartridges have double the volume but usually less than double the cost. They often tend to be the most cost-efficient.

You can also ensure  you get the most out of each cartridge by checking it carefully for leaks and storing it upright (so it doesn’t leak) and in a cool, dark, dry place (to reduce the naturally occurring oxidation process).

Do THC Cartridges Expire?

Most cartridges expire within a year of manufacture. If you’re wondering what happens if you smoke an expired weed cart, don’t worry; it’s not dangerous. It just won’t have much of an effect, and the flavor will be lacking. 

THC loses its potency by converting to cannabinol (CBN), and terpenes lose their flavor over time due to natural environmental (heat, light, oxidation) factors. Thus, using an expired cartridge is unlikely to hurt you but won’t give you the typical effect, nor will it taste the same as when fresh.

Fixing Clogged Cartridges

Carts for weed can get clogged due to many factors, often relating to a buildup of condensation. When the vape pen is clogged, you will get oil droplets; instead of inhaling a smooth cloud of vapor. Condensation buildup can be avoided by inhaling from the vape pen “dry” – inhaling without engaging the cartridge (usually without a power source or not pressing the button on your vape pen, if it has one). If that doesn’t solve the problem, a cartridge can often be cleared using a thin wire or paper clip. See more detailed instructions here.

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