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Where Can I Vape Cannabis in California? Where Can I Not?

Where Can I Vape Cannabis in California? Where Can I Not?

“Where can I vape cannabis in California? Where can I not?” is a top-of-mind question for many cannabis enthusiasts. In California, knowing where you can freely enjoy your vaping experience and where to refrain is important. This article will answer all of your questions about where you can and cannot vape cannabis in the Golden State. 

Is Vaping Allowed Indoors?

In California, the laws around vaping indoors are fairly straightforward. Simply put, vaping or any form of cannabis consumption is generally prohibited in most indoor public spaces. This includes restaurants and bars, retail outlets, businesses, government buildings, and other public spaces. 

Otherwise, cannabis consumption, including vaping or smoking, is legally permitted indoors on private property. However, this doesn’t mean vaping has an automatic green light everywhere. It all depends on the individual property. For example, if you’re a renter and you’re wondering if vaping inside your apartment is allowed, this is a question for your landlord. Vaping cannabis at home is legal in California, but home and building owners have the right to ban its use on their property. It’s always best to check and respect the landlord’s policies before making the assumption that the space is vape-friendly. 

Being informed and considerate will ensure you can enjoy your vape without inconveniencing others or facing legal issues. After all, the goal of vaping is to enhance relaxation and pleasure, not to create stress. 

Is Vaping Allowed Outdoors? 

California boasts abundant beauty, from pristine parks to bustling beaches and hiking trails with incredible views. As tempting as it may be to enjoy your favorite strain amidst these picturesque locales, California law states that cannabis consumption is prohibited in all public outdoor spaces. These include beaches, campgrounds, parks, and any outdoor area that is open to the public. It is also illegal to consume cannabis within 1000 feet of a school or youth center while children are present. 

Furthermore, the law prohibits both cannabis use and possession on federal lands, like national parks. This is because cannabis is not legal at the federal level. But don’t let this news dampen your spirits! You can enjoy your vape on private property where permitted. Your friend’s poolside, a backyard barbecue, or simply a relaxing evening with your vape pen on your own porch are some alternatives. Just make sure any close neighbors are okay with it. 

Can I Vape In A Hotel Room?

Planning a vacation or a business trip involves many considerations, especially for those who vape. You might wonder, “Is vaping in hotel rooms permitted?” The answer is more than a simple yes or no. Legally, it is up to the individual hotel, and hotel policies on cannabis can vary widely. Some hotels may take a more liberal approach, allowing guests to vape or smoke in their rooms. Most hotels, however, do not allow any form of vaping or smoking, whether it is cannabis or tobacco. 

Verifying the hotel’s rules before booking your stay is crucial. If you’re uncertain, contact the hotel directly for clarification. This way, you can enjoy your stay without any surprises or fines. 

Can I Vape In The Airport?

Airport terminals, layovers, and long flights can be tedious. You might think vaping could be a great way to pass the time. Unfortunately, airports do not permit cannabis consumption in any form, and that includes vaping. Also, before you think of risking it, vaping in airport bathrooms is also illegal. While it may be tempting to take a few relaxing draws before making your way to the security checkpoint, you run the risk of being fined or even charged with a crime. 

Since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, it is also illegal to take any type of cannabis product across state lines no matter the means of conveyance. So, keep your vape pen in California unless – or until – federal laws change. 

Are Vapes Allowed In Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Concerts?

Let’s face it, the happiest places on earth and our favorite music gigs would be even more enjoyable if we could bring our vaporizers along for the fun. But, are vapes allowed in Disneyland, Universal Studios, and concert? Unfortunately, the magic of these places doesn’t extend to vaping. Most amusement parks, including Disneyland and Universal Studios, have firm policies against vaping within park boundaries or outdoor areas, and these rules apply to cannabis as well as tobacco. Concert venues often follow suit. Most concerts, especially those held indoors, enforce strict no-vaping and no-cannabis consumption policies. These regulations are in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests. They are also aligned with California state law, which prohibits cannabis consumption in public spaces. 

There is, however, a  noteworthy exception. Event venues can obtain a license from the state that allows them to temporarily sell and allow the consumption of cannabis during an event. These temporary licenses must be approved by the city or county and only apply to the specific event location. For example, outdoor cannabis-themed festivals may obtain a permit that allows cannabis consumption, including vaping at the festival site. If you attend one of these fun outdoor events, just keep in mind that the permit doesn’t extend outside of that confined area, so don’t forget to put away your vape pen as you exit. 

Is Vaping While Driving Illegal?

Cruising along California’s picturesque highways with a cannabis vape might sound like the ideal road trip. But before you hit the gas, let’s tackle a crucial question: “Is it legal to vape cannabis while driving in California?” The answer is straightforward: no. Using cannabis while operating a vehicle most certainly is not allowed. In the interest of safety, it’s imperative to understand this. Vaping any product with THC risks your own and others’ well-being on the road. So, if you’re inclined to enjoy cannabis, it’s best to do so responsibly when you’re not behind the wheel. Keep your focus on the drive ahead, and relish in your cannabis experiences when you reach your destination. Here’s to safe and enjoyable road trips, without the haze!


Navigating the vaping landscape in California is all about understanding the laws and respecting the rules. Knowing where and when to vape ensures you can appreciate your experience without receiving any fines should you vape where it isn’t lawful. Staying informed and considerate is the key to enjoyable and responsible vaping in the Golden State.

People also ask:

Is it legal to vape in California? 

Yes, it is legal for adults aged 21 years and older to vape in California. However, restrictions apply in various settings, such as indoor public places, workplaces, and specific outdoor areas.

Is it legal to vape indoors in California? 

In California, indoor vaping laws are akin to smoking. Therefore, vaping is generally prohibited in most indoor public places. The specifics, though, can depend on the establishment’s policies.