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Top Kurvana Sativa Carts for Creative Types

Top Kurvana Sativa Carts for Creative Types

Artists, musicians, and other creative types love sativa strains, and for good reason. Known for their cerebral effects and ability to get creative juices flowing, sativa strains are coveted by creators who are seeking an extra boost of inspiration.

Unlike indica strains, which tend to be more sedating, sativas elevate the mind and often fuel energy and focus. It’s important to note, however, that although we use the terms “sativa” and “indica” in this article, these terms are not always reliable when it comes to the effects they may produce. In reality, every strain, be it a sativa or an indica, will affect each person differently. The latest scientific research on cannabis has found that our unique body chemistries, genetics, and the terpenes in each strain are all better indicators of how a certain strain will affect us. 

Sativa cartridges, or “sativa carts” as they are often called, are popular for their portability and ease of use, but not all cannabis cartridges are created equal. Kurvana crafts the highest quality, full-spectrum cannabis oil cartridges using the whole plant so that you get the ultimate experience out of each unique strain. Here is a list of our top Kurvana sativa carts for all the poets, dreamers, and visionaries who make this world a better place. 

Best Sativa Strains for Creativity 

If you’re looking for a sativa strain to power through a creative project, Kurvana has many exciting sativa carts to offer. Here are just a few from our growing collection: 

Amnesia Haze, which is part of our ASCND line, is an excellent choice for experienced cannabis enthusiasts as it delivers a potency that comprises 94.13% THC per cartridge, with 97.30% total cannabinoid content. This strain’s pungent lemon aroma is owed to its limonene terpene profile, making it a sublimely refreshing vape. Amnesia Haze derives its genetics from Afghani Hawaiian and Jamaican strains and is one of Kurvana’s top-rated sativa pens. This is a strain that is sure to spark your creativity from the first draw to the last. 

C. Jack, another front-runner in our ASND line, is a proud winner of the Cannabis Cup, and for good reason. A cross of the classic Jack Herer and Skunk #1 strains, it is a highly potent strain that delivers a powerful, mind-elevating experience. Fans of C. Jack enjoy its ability to provide focus, making it a great option for writers or anyone working on a creative project. The effects of sativa truly shine in this strain, and its sweet citrus aroma is matched only by its potency, which includes 92.19% THC out of a total of 96.95% cannabinoids. 

High Fashion is one of the rare sativa strains in our collection. It is often described as having notes of sweet berries and champagne and is sure to delight your senses. Made by crossing Cherry Pie and Granddaddy Purple, this strain is perfect for experienced cannabis connoisseurs who are seeking heavy psychoactive effects that are uplifting, joyful, and euphoric. High Fashion is potent with 91.23% THC, and a total cannabinoid content of 93.26%. 

Jack Herer is a classic sativa known for its uplifting alpha-terpinolene terpene effects. This is a strain best enjoyed during the day, and plenty of creative personalities appreciate its energizing boost and delicious pine, earth, and herbaceous aroma. If Jack Herer were a person, he’d be the best muse an artist could ever have. Part of Kurvana’s Originals line, this vape contains 80.56% THC and a total cannabinoid content of 85.06%. 

Pineapple Express rose to fame in part because of the 2008 film of the same name, but it’s a strain that has been beloved in the cannabis community for many years. In fact, “Is Pineapple Express indica or sativa is a common question many cannabis enthusiasts ask because the strain can sometimes have up to 40% indica genetics, depending on the grower. Kurvana’s Pineapple Express cartridge is a classic sativa that delivers the creative energy you need and the sweet, tropical pineapple flavor you crave. The THC content is 80.08%, with 85.65%  total cannabinoids per cart. 

Sour Diesel is a timeless classic in the cannabis community. Famous for its pungent diesel aroma backed up by a touch of earth and citrus, this strain is a crowd-pleaser. Kurvana’s Sour Diesel sativa cartridge delivers a powerful, yet balanced experience with 80.11% THC and a total cannabinoid content of 85.02%. If you’re a creative soul who appreciates an energy-fueled euphoria from a classic sativa, Sour Diesel may just be your perfect strain. 

A Sativa Vape for Every Lifestyle 

Everyone is different, and sometimes a pure sativa may not be exactly what hits the spot, especially if you’re seeking a more mellow experience before bedtime. Sativa effects at night are the same as in the daytime, after all. If you like the creative aspects a sativa offers, but you’d prefer something that can also help you fall asleep, a sativa-dominant hybrid may be just right. The best sativa hybrid strains will give you the creative stimulation of a pure sativa with just the right balance of calming attributes that are common to indica strains. 

Astro Queen is new to our ASCND line and is a hybrid cross born of the marriage between Astro Boy and Space Queen. Its sweet berry and herbaceous terpene profile makes it a stand-out strain, with all the classic effects of a sativa, like energy and cerebral elevation, balanced by the more calming effects of an indica. An excellent choice to combat stress, this strain comprises 91.38% THC and a total cannabinoid content of just over 96%. 

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was made by crossing Haze and Blueberry. Part of Kurvana’s originals line, it combines the best of its parent genetics and offers a delicious, sweet berry flavor profile. Perfect for any creative project by day or by night, Blue Dream is a gentle hybrid with effects that tend to come on gradually. This strain’s total cannabinoid content is 85.19% with 81.65% THC. 

Cosmic Glue will get your creative juices flowing while offering the balanced euphoria of a hybrid strain. With just over 96% total cannabinoids and a THC content of 91.21%, Cosmic Glue is potent but balanced. Its terpene profile offers pungent notes of diesel fuel and lemon, boasting beta-caryophyllene and terpinolene effects such as enhanced focus and cerebral stimulation. A must-try if you’re seeking a balanced sativa-forward hybrid. 

Mimosa is delightfully sweet and sour on the palate, and it will tickle your tastebuds as well as your mind. With a potency of 95.56% cannabinoids and a THC level of just over 92%, Mimosa is a powerhouse. Even so, this strain, whose parents are Celemtine and Purple Punch, is very well balanced. Its effects are felt right away and offer just the right amount of stimulation for any creative endeavor. Mimosa tends to inspire conversation, making it the perfect strain for a brainstorming session with friends! 

Cannabis Oil Extraction:  THC Cartridges – Sativa and Beyond  

Whether the oil is derived from a sativa or an indica strain, quality cannabis oil is only as good as its extraction process. Strain-specific cannabis oil cartridges, THC cartridges, and CBD oils are now widely available in dispensaries. While this is great news for cannabis enthusiasts, sometimes it can be challenging to discern which ones are additive and chemical-free products. Kurvana ensures that only the highest quality, pure cannabis oil ends up in our cartridges, and nothing more. We do this by using a rigorous testing methodology through each phase of our proprietary extraction process. 

You can read more here about our extraction process, testing standards, and our commitment to quality over everything.